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诗是寂寞的琴 Poetry is the lonely double bass  

2010-11-26 20:17:00|  分类: 翻译新诗 |  标签: |举报 |字号 订阅

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诗是寂寞的琴   Poetry is the lonely double bass - 江苏一湖 - 一湖出书1277024021




诗是寂寞的琴   Poetry is the lonely double bass

诗是寂寞的琴    Poetry is the lonely double bass,
它坐在孤独的黄昏   seating in the solitary dusk,
和月亮一块到老    and accompany the Moon to grow old.
拔掉太阳的一根白发   Pluck out a white hair of the Sun,
成为风中的白苇    and turn it into reed when blown up.


露珠        The Dew

顺着叶子的颤抖,    Following the shivering of leaves,
滑落出人生的方向     it cerves out a path of life.
露珠在夜晚收集了星星和月亮  The dew collects energy from the Moon and stars at night,
然后又变成照耀世界的太阳  Then change into the Sun lights up the world with shine.
她是一滴冰清玉洁的露珠   She is like a dew pure as jade and clean as ice,
万物都为她发光     For her, all the myriads gleam with bright light.


情感是金钱的羔羊  Affection is the sheep of money

情感是金钱的羔羊   Affection is the sheep of money,
灯火酒绿里显现    expressed in the scene of feasting and pleasure-seeking.
它的重量     How heavy it weighs,
它的形象     And aso its image;
它有钻石的光芒    It has crystals’ shine with beauty,
更有人性的灭亡    And also the destruction of humanity.

爱情是水     Love is Water

我们的爱情是水    Our love is water.
所以从不追究谁错谁对  We never try to find who is wrong or who is the right doer.
这么多年水喂养着我们  For so many years, we are feeded by love water.
我愿意为你挑一辈子水  For you I am willing to fetch water forever.
我们被水洗去肉体的污垢  Water cleansed us by washing away the filth and dirt
我们最终被水带走灵魂和骨灰 And finally takes away our souls and ashes from flesh shelter.


贫穷        Poverty

我深爱着贫穷和苦难   We love poverty and hardship deeply,
我眼前有绿水和青山   We see mountain blue and water green.
我听到翠鸟和秋蝉   We hear cicada’s cry and kingfisher’s chirping,
我庆幸把人间的真情看见  We see the human touch clearly so we are lucky.

我有着穷人的胃    We have the stomach of poor men,
我已习惯吃着碗里粗茶淡饭 We are used to have food simple and tea plain.
对于锅里成串的老鳖蛋  As in the saucepan are hard boiled turtle eggs in string,
我真的难以下咽    I have no appetite so it is difficult to gordge in.

对于别人的怜悯和施舍  Other people’s alms and sympathy,
只会让我羞耻难堪   Will make me have a shameful feeling.
抱着穷字生活我甘心情愿  To live in poverty is what I am willing,
即使贫到一穷二白   Even though I insist till poor in a room bleak.

如果         If

如果我把人生写进一把蒲扇  If I write life into a cattail leaf fan,
我就遇见一阵风来到我的窗前  I will feel a wind blowing in my window.
如果我把人生写在复写纸上  If I write life on a piece of carbon paper,
我就会看到另一个不同的人生  I can see another life different from this one.
如果我把人生写进了诗篇   If I write life into poetry,
我听见了树上群鸟的啼啭   I can hear the chirping of birds in trees.
如果我把人生写上柔弱   If I write life frangile,
就会有一群小鬼来到我的身边  a crowd of goasts will approach me closer.
如果我把人生写上危险   If I write a life far from being safe,
我就目睹自己站在悬崖的边缘  I will see meself standing on the edge of a steep cliff.
如果我写着死亡的最后宣言  If it is the last declaration of death that I write,
我就发现低矮的墓碑倒在我面前I will see a short tombstone falling down with my own eyes.
如果我把人生上云烟    If I put smokes and clouds in life,
一阵风吹过,我什么也看不见  after a gust of wind, nothing will be in my sight.
如果我把人生写着一团火焰  If I write into life a flame of fire,
我只能承受燃瞎了的双眼   I can only bear a pair of eyes burned blind.

除了你,我谁都不娶  I Will Marry Nobody Except You

在我爱情的国度    In my kindom of love,
有你常年在里面居住   all year round in it you are the only dwelter.
除了你,我谁都不娶   except you, I will marry nobody.
虽然爱慕我的人也有无数  though I have many an admirer.
我们爱如这柔软的泥土  I love the soil soft and tender,
我们的灵魂合二为一   Our souls will intwine together.

该为爱情歌颂什么   We should sing something of love.

如果爱情和叶子那么脆弱,  If love is as fragile as a leaf,
无情地从我们身上滑过  away mercilessly from us it will slip.
那我们该为爱情歌颂什么  What can we sing of love then,
我们如何在这时代里穿越  how can we travel across this era as human beeing?
让我们的爱长成树木一棵棵 Let our love grow to be trees,
让秋天把树叶交还给花朵  Let autumn return to flowers the leaves.
让所有的树木不在困惑  Let all trees free from confusion,
让我们藏在冬日的残壳  Let us hide in winter’s shell remains.
让我们爱成蜕化的了蝉蛾  Let us love to be excviated moth and cicada,
让太阳为我们从西山下落  Let the Sun set in the west for us.
让星星为我们不停地闪烁  Let stars twinkle for us constantly,
让秋风为我们的生活蹉跎  Let autumn waste away for our life idly.
让我们为新月的生命放歌  Let us sing for the life of the new Moon aloud,
让所有的叶子从我们身上飞落 Let all leaves fall down from our body to the ground.
让世界化为一片海的音乐  Let the whole world change into a sea of music,
让我们爱情的青山不再沉默 Let the blue mountain of our love is no longer silent.


我和她       She and Me

我和她真得像两只绿色的鸟 She and me are like two birds green,
安歇在一棵快要枯死的老树上 nesting on the dead old tree.
彼此只顾着各自飞来飞去  Each cares only its own flight,
如果我们哪天真的飞累了  If someday we will get really tired.
她也会倒在别的粗壮的树旁 She would fall down beside another strong tree.
如果那棵树被蛀虫拌倒了  If the tree falls down from being hollowed by mothes.
我也许就找不到原来的家  Maybe I will never find my old home again.
也许看到路旁的娇艳小花  Maybe when I see a tiny little flower beside the road,
我误以为是重新装扮的她  I will think it is her in new clothe.
也许会遇到另外一只红鸟  Maybe I will meet another red bird,
我也会时常把她深深牵挂  and I will always worry about her.


我是彻夜不眠的星星 I am a star twinkling day and night

你从枝条上雪花般消失  You disappeared from the twigs as snow flake,
我的日子是暗淡的灯   My days are a dim light.
我的爱是相思瘦成   My love is bony of love’s pine;
我是彻夜不眠的星星   I am a star twinkling day and night,
你来了,在我情感的窗口  You came, opened a window in my heart,
开拓出一片响亮的夜空  A night sky sparkling bright


走过你的窗   I passed your window

我走过你的窗    I walked past your window,
你的窗前刮起秋风   Where there rises an autumn wind.
那是我的心跳    That is my heart,
我的渴望钻进了你的梦  And my pine for love sneaked into your dream.


你的心是促使我跳下泥潭 Your heart urged me to jump down into the mire

你的心是促使我跳下泥潭  Your heart urged me to jump down into the mire.
你的情话是飞鸟的久不成眠 Your endearment is the sleeplessness of the bird on flight.
我要学一条鱼冲向海的深渊 I like to dish to the bottom of the sea as a fish dives,
我也热爱土壤,流淌出火焰  Also love the soil that flows out flames of fire.


让我奔赴你的战场   Let me rush up to your front,

让我们的距离缩小成   Let the distance between us become shorter and shorter,
一个爱字     Untill there is a word-love.
让你唇上的飞鸟颤动   Let the bird on your lips quiver,
抖落雪花     So as to shake off the snowflakes on her feather.
让我奔赴你的战场   Let me rush up to your frontier,
插上胜利的旗帜    To place vitory flag on a point clear. 


你是雪花为我飘扬 You are a snowflake fluttering for me

你露的温柔在我的手掌  The tenderness of your dew lies in my hand.
你是风在为浅吟低唱   You are the wind singing to me a song soft but not sad.
你是雪花为我飘扬   You are a snowflake fluttering for me over the sand.
你是野草为我遍地燃烧  You are the weeds burning for me across the land.


不能停止爱你,    Can’t stop loving you though my heart bleeds.

我不能停止走向峭壁   I can’t stop moving toward the cliff steep,
不能停止爱你,    Can’t stop loving you though my heart bleeds.
天空酝酿着一场暴风雪  There will soon be a snowstorm,
把我身上不干净的灰尘清洗 That will wash me clean.
将我埋在你柔软的雪地  And in your soft snow it will berry me.

如果爱情是密不透风的网  If love is a net that holds water,

如果爱情是密不透风的网  If love is a net that holds water,
我甘愿是网里的一条鱼  I’m willing to be a fish in it.
如果爱情是辽阔的海   If love is a vast expanse of sea,
我甘愿在峭壁上踏浪   I’m willing to surf on its steep cliffs.


让我们的爱一直弯进梦里 Let our Love cerve into dream all the time

让我们的爱一直弯进梦里  Let our love cerve into dream all the time,
成为长空皓月    and become the bright moon in the sky.
让群星为我们鼓掌   Let the stars clap us.
让我们的爱不停地翻阅风景 Let our love read the sceneries on and on.
梦里没有冬天    There is no winter in dreams,
春天电影般的放映   but springs as if films run.


我读你,不分章节 I read you, caring not the chapters nor parts

我读你,不分章节   I read you, caring not the chapters nor parts,
就像天空落下情感的雨  Just as the falling rain of affection,
不分四季     In whichever of the four seasons.
我在冬天读一场雪   I read a snow in winter.
在人潮汹涌海里    In the crowded sea of men,
我找到深埋着的泥泞轨迹  I found the traces berried deep in mud.
让朝霞在地平线上悄然升起 Let, above the horizon, the rosy dawn climbs up.

你是我心上飞行的风筝  You are a kate in my heart flying high,

你是我心上飞行的风筝  You are a kate in my heart flying high,
你是诱惑我一辈子的天空  I will spend the whole life to fly in your luring sky.
我的情感红线    The red thread of love,
必须牵挂你的一生   Is in my hand, and I care you all my life.

让我渴饮你的心灵  Let Me Drink your Soul

我用泡茶的功夫    I use the short period of time for making a tea,
冲开你沸腾的心灵   To open your heart, boiling quite.
你是漂浮的叶片    You are a floating tea leaf,
让我渴饮你的心灵   Let me drink your heart in and out side.
你的眼睛在我唇上游动  Swimming to and from on my lips are your eyes.


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